Wiring in domestic consumer unit circuit breaker.

Why Heeding Electrical Code Compliance Is Critical

When you have a basic understanding of how to run electrical wiring and wire appliances, it’s tempting to do some electrical work yourself. While you may not see any immediate consequences of doing the work yourself, there are risks like fires, injury, and financial consequences. Discover why it’s critical to ensure all work stays compliant with current electrical codes, including pulling permits when needed.

Keeps Your Home and Family Safe

The primary purpose of any building code is to ensure that regulated buildings are safe. Electrical infrastructure not up to code poses hazards that include electrocution, appliance burnouts, and fire. Electrical code compliance and professional installation reduce the risk of these incidents.

Protects Your Insurance Policy

Homeowner’s insurance covers damages from fire and other disasters. Unfortunately, one of the chief forms of electrical system-related damage is fire. The insurer views electrical work without hiring a contractor or pulling requisite permits as negligent. Therefore, insurance companies reject claims that result from renovations without permits or professional documentation.

It’s possible to be code-compliant and still do the work yourself. The significant part of compliance is pulling the required permits and getting an inspection to ensure it’s up to code. However, regulations change so frequently that it’s usually less expensive and easier to have a professional do it correctly the first time rather than redo it multiple times to meet compliance requirements and pay the accompanying fines.

Avoid Negligence Lawsuits

Homeowners are responsible for injuries to guests on their property, especially if the damage is due to electrical work that violates building codes. For example, shoddy electrical work near the pool, bathroom, lights, or outlets could cause a fire, shock, or electrocution. An injury lawsuit may result from “tips and tricks” learned online or passed down through the family. Avoid the legal hassles and ensure your electrical work is properly documented and up to code.

Prevents Trouble When Selling

While selling your home, an inspection may bring up the electrical work you have done yourself, causing the sale to fall through or extensive repairs. Cutting corners to save money in the short run could cost you more in repairs, fines, and sale prices down the road.

Keeping your family and home safe should be a top priority and a reason to make sure all work remains compliant with the current electrical code. If you’ve had renovations completed without a licensed electrician, consider rewiring your house to prevent problems down the road. Call (813) 359-1944 to schedule your consultation with one of the licensed electricians at Allstate Electric today. We proudly serve Northwest Arkansas.