Why Does A Specific Lightbulb Keep Burning Out?

Do you have one lightbulb in your Bentonville home that seems to burn out much more quickly than all the rest? Do you wonder why it seems to fail after just a small amount of use? It can be frustrating and expensive to continue to purchase and install new light bulbs. And it always seems to go out at the most inopportune time, increasing the potential for a nasty stumble in the dark. But what you might not know is that your ever-failing light could also be a fire hazard. So, it is essential that you figure out why the bulb is constantly failing.

Common Causes Of A Light Bulb Burning Out

The old-style incandescent bulbs are rated to last around one thousand hours, while CFLs and LEDs should last much longer. Some have a life expectancy of 10k to 25k hours or more If you have a light bulb that is burning out very quickly, there could be any one of several issues in play, such as:

  • The fixture is rated for a higher wattage bulb
  • The fixture is damaged, and the bulb does not connect properly
  • There is excessive vibration in the area that is causing the hot filament to break
  • You are using the wrong type of light bulb for the fixture
  • For a light that is located in the ceiling, too much insulation could be causing the bulb to overheat
  • The bulb could be incompatible with the dimmer switch you have controlling the light
  • There could be loose or bad wiring in the fixture

Things You Can Check

All light fixtures should be labeled with the correct wattage for the lightbulbs. Check the fixture to ensure that you are installing the right size lightbulb. In addition, you can check the fit of the light bulb in the light socket. Unplug the fixture for safety and carefully insert the light bulb. Be sure that the bulb snugs into the socket and threads in smoothly and easily.

If you are concerned about vibration, relocate the fixture to another part of your home to see if that corrects the problem. For example, having a lamp near a staircase or close to a door that is prone to slam could be the cause of your light bulb troubles. For lights installed in the ceiling, you should place your hand near the light fixture to determine if excessive heat is causing the problem.

What To Leave To A Licensed Electrician

Most homeowners are not comfortable opening electrical boxes and removing switches to check electrical connections. And that is an excellent way to avoid some hazardous situations. Leave checking your home’s electrical system to a licensed professional to prevent sparks and shorts that can damage your home’s electrical appliances, electronic devices and even cause a severe electrical shock to you.

Call (479) 279-2410 when you are experiencing poor function from any component of your home’s electrical system, including lights and light fixtures. A Allstate Electric and Communications licensed professional will arrive promptly to begin evaluating your home’s electrical system and locating any issues. Our pro will provide you with a complete price quote for the necessary repairs when any problem is located. And with your approval, most work can be completed during the initial visit or within the same day if additional parts are needed.

Our team will clean up the work area when the job is done and provide you with a copy of your warranty for the work. Never let a faulty light or wiring put you, your loved ones, and your home at risk. Instead, call the pros you can trust at Allstate Electric and Communications.