Tips To Save Electricity And Money

With the cost of everything continuing to rise, homeowners are always happy to get a few tips that will help them reduce their electric bill. And what is not to be excited about when you can save energy, money, and the planet all with a few simple tips and tricks from your friends at Allstate Electric and Communications

Upgrade To ENERGY STAR To Save Electricity

As you replace your home’s appliances, be sure to purchase ENERGY STAR-rated replacements. The appliances that display the ENERGY STAR logo are the most energy-efficient on the market and can save you a lot of money. The EPA oversees the guidelines for the program and determines which appliances earn the best ratings so that you can trust the results of the testing. For example, an ENERGY STAR-rated refrigerator will use at least 15% less energy than other models. Each type of device is rated using specific criteria, with some items offering up to a 75% savings over competitors.

LED Is The Way To Go

As you replace the lightbulbs in your home, stick to LED options. Not only do these lightbulbs save you a substantial amount of energy each month, but they also last up to five times longer. So think of each LED bulb you purchase as five incandescent bulbs. And even more exciting is that you will not be climbing on a ladder or struggling to replace those hard-to-reach bulbs for around two decades after installing an LED bulb.

Let Technology Help You Save

If your family is bad about turning off lights or the ceiling fan, let technology take over for them when they leave the room. Motion-activated lights are the easiest way to ensure that the lights are turned off when everyone leaves the room. Of course, you can also include the ceiling fan or any other devices on these motion-activated switches. And when it comes to your outdoor lights, motion sensors add another level of security. If someone approaches your home at night, the lights automatically turn on.

Let SMART Work For You

Many SMART devices will integrate with your home automation platform to help you save everything from electricity to water. For example, a SMART thermostat will monitor your habits and refine a program to keep your home comfortable year-round and maximize your energy usage. It adjusts the temperature slightly when no one is home to save energy without compromising comfort. When you are on vacation or out of town for work, your SMART thermostat will be saving even more money and energy for you. Likewise, SMART sprinkler timers will monitor the weather conditions and water only as needed. Both of these devices will save you money and help protect the planet.

Ward Off Energy Vampires

You might not be aware of all the energy-stealing items lurking in your home. You assume that a device that is turned off is not using any power. However, anything with a digital clock or remote is constantly sipping power. Everything from your coffee maker to the cable box uses power to be ready to hop to action. But is it really worth the wasted energy? Plug small appliances and other devices into a power strip that you can unplug to ensure that nothing is stealing even a little power when it is not in use. Think of all the hours you are not home, but dozens of devices are using energy. Pull the plug to save power and money. 

For more information about conserving electricity, call (479) 279-2410. The Allstate Electric and Communications pros are always here to offer tips, ideas, and solutions, to help you save your hard-earned money.