Tips To Reduce Your Summer Electric Bills

Keeping your home cool and your electric bills at a reasonable level can be challenging. But homeowners across the country are finding many simple ways to save electricity and money. Some even offer other benefits like increasing your property value or boosting your mental and physical health.

A Little AC TLC

Over the winter months, the AC equipment outside your home can get covered in dust and dirt. And that reduces the efficiency of the coils that dissipate the heat drawn out of your home. A simple blast with the garden hose is a great way to eliminate the grime that makes your air conditioner work harder. You will notice that your electric bills drop a bit and also that your comfort level increases. 

Who Wants A Hot Shower In The Summer?

Of course, you do not want a cold shower, ever. But 120 degrees should be more than comfortable for a summer shower. If your water heater is set above 120, turn it back to save some cash and prevent scalding. In the average household, the water heater accounts for about 18% of your energy consumption. So reducing the temperature of the holding tank by just a few degrees will deliver significant savings each month.

Create Some Beautiful Shade

Everyone knows that a shaded area is always much cooler than standing in full sun. And your home is in complete agreement as well. Planting a tree or even a few trees to increase the shade over your home and at windows will reduce the workload on your home’s air conditioner. Planting a tree to shade the AC equipment located outside your home will increase its efficiency by as much as 10%. And every tree you add will also add value to your property. Place deciduous trees, ones that lose their leaves in the winter, near windows. Once the leaves drop, you will be able to enjoy the added solar warmth inside your home for the winter and the shade to cool it in the summer.

Turn Your Life Into A Picnic

Well, there are sure to be some times that are not all fun and games. But when you take some of the summer cooking outdoors, you can begin reducing your summer cooling bill. Using the stove or oven for a prolonged period can increase the temperature in your home by five to ten degrees. That puts substantial stress on your AC and increases your electric bill. But when you head outdoors to grill, no heat is added to your home. In addition, the evening outside is sure to increase your mood and provide an opportunity for some family fun.

Work Smarter

Modern household appliances are a huge help in getting mundane yet essential tasks completed. However, if they are not used wisely, you could be wasting a lot of money. In the laundry room, be sure only to run full loads to save energy and water. Significant innovations in laundry detergent also make it possible to have bright, clean clothes without using hot water in the wash cycle. So go for the cheaper cold water and enjoy a longer life for most of your clothing as well. Be sure to clean the dryer lint filter after every use for added efficiency. A clogged lint trap can increase your clothes dryer’s energy consumption and cost you over $200 a year in added electricity consumption.

To learn more about saving energy in your home, call (479) 279-2410. The licensed electricians at Allstate Electric and Communications can offer many tips and help you select and install energy-efficient appliances to reduce your monthly bills.