Tips To Reduce HVAC Energy Consumption

Most homeowners in the Allstate Electric and Communications community are happy to discover tips or hints on how to reduce their household expenses. And when it comes to keeping utility bills in check, most people jump at the opportunity. And it only makes sense to look at the largest energy consumer in the house when you want to find easy ways to economize. So the following ideas are offered to help keep your heating and cooling costs down without forcing you to be uncomfortable in your house.

Reducing The HVACs Workload

It might be hard to believe that adjusting the temperature in your home by only a degree could have an impact on your electric bill. However, even that small change will help. The HVAC system will get a few more minutes of rest between each heating or cooling cycle to save you energy and add to the equipment’s life expectancy. Turn the thermostat down just a degree in the winter and turn it up just a degree in the summer. For added savings, change the temp another degree after a few weeks, as your body has acclimated to the current setting.

Automate Savings

Installing a programmable thermostat is the perfect way to save money without taking on added monitoring and thermostat adjustments. These devices allow you to program multiple settings for times when you are away from home or asleep. Just a few degrees difference when everyone is at work or school will make a significant difference in your heating and cooling costs. And the best part of this tip is that you will never notice any difference in the comfort level in your home.

An Affordable And Fast Tip

You can purchase a new air filter for your HVAC system for only a few dollars. And the installation typically takes only a few minutes. However, replacing a dirty, clogged air filter is the perfect way to save money and add years to the life of your costly HVAC system. All that dust and dirt on your HVAC filter will cause the air intake motor to work excessively hard to draw air into the unit. In time, a clogged air filter can even result in a shutdown of the system due to a lack of airflow. So get in the habit of checking the air filter monthly and replacing it as needed to save energy, money and add to the life of your heating and cooling systems.

Professional Care

There is no substitute for professional care for your HVAC equipment. Much like an oil change for your car, a tune-up and cleaning for your HVAC system will increase its energy efficiency and ability to keep your home comfortable. This proactive care is also the ideal time to correct minor issues before they become larger and more expensive to repair.

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