Old electrical panel against a brick wall

The Basics of an Electrical Maintenance Program

Your home has a lot of important components that need to be in good condition in order for you to stay safe. Your electrical system should be addressed periodically so that everything continues to work properly. We’ve all become so used to having electricity whenever we need it, but we still need to realize that electricity has the potential to be dangerous and that regular maintenance can work to prevent certain types of problems.

Inspections Inside the Home

There are certain parts of your home that may be more at risk than others. The bathroom and kitchen, because of their proximity to water, need GFCI outlets. GFCI stands for ground-fault circuit interrupters, and these types of outlets can prevent electrical shocks that may otherwise be caused by the combination of electricity and water. Our team at Allstate Electric can make sure that GFCI outlets are installed in the right places and that they’re in great condition.

In any room, we’ll want to see that wiring methods are appropriate and that circuits aren’t overloaded. Frayed wires will have to be replaced, sockets that loosely fit plugs will have to be fixed, and tamper-resistant outlets may be suggested as replacements for traditional ones. This last point is especially important if there are children in the home.

Inspections Around the House

Besides taking a close look inside your place, we’ll want to thoroughly inspect your breaker box. We need to ensure that your circuit breakers are in good condition. Humidity, which we often experience in our area, can lead to faster corrosion. If this has happened, we can replace any components that have been damaged.

Further, our electrician will see to it that your air conditioner is properly hooked up and that your exterior lighting has been installed in the right manner. In the area around Bentonville, we can get a lot of rain, so you’ll really want to be sure that your exterior lighting and wiring are protected from all of that moisture.

If you’re like some residents in Arkansas, you may have a generator to keep the power on during severe storms. We can take a look at your generator so that it’ll be ready to go if your power goes out. We can check for leakages and take a look at the oil and coolant levels. We can also make sure the transfer switch, wiring, and filters are in shape.

Let Us Handle the Work

Electrical maintenance is fairly comprehensive, and it can prevent many types of issues from getting worse. If you’re interested in keeping your system safe and up to date, it may be best to leave some things to a professional team like the one at Allstate Electric. Call us with questions or to schedule an appointment.