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Stay Safe This Summer With These Easy Outdoor Electrical Tips

One of the best things about making your home in the city of Bentonville, AR is the chance to visit the city’s two local historic districts. Choose the West Central Avenue Historic District or the Third Street Historic District. This is where you’ll find lots of inspiration for your own personal outdoor spaces. Make these outdoor spaces even more enjoyable all year long with these easy to implement outdoor electric hacks.

Use Heavy Duty Electric Cords

Electrical cords are a good way to extend power from your home to the outdoors. It’s important to make sure the cords you choose are designed to be used outdoors. Look for heavy duty extension cords. These are specifically crafted to protect you from electric surges when you’re outdoors. They’ll have markings on the side indicating this fact when you buy them.

Inspect All Outdoor Surfaces and Items Periodically

Everything you keep outdoors should be inspected on a periodic basis. Look closely for issues with everything you keep outdoors, such as fraying electrical cords. Hot weather can cause problems with the plastic covers you use. Small children should be carefully watched when outdoors near any electric items. Your electrical tools should also be in good working order. If there is any evidence of rust, now is the time get new tools. Store all electric items in a safe place when not in use. If there’s a clearly visible problem, it’s always a good idea to have them inspected closely by our qualified electricians.

Use Outdoor Lighting

All of your outdoor spaces must be properly lit. That way, you can avoid potential problems, such as falling over electrical cords when you’re outside. It also means you can entertain safely at night. A lighting specialist can ensure that all of your outdoor lighting items are installed correctly. Good lighting options for your outdoor spaces also make your entire yard more usable. That’s a good way to spend even more time outdoors in the mild local climate with your friends and family.

Take Precautions

Heavy rain is very common in this part of the country. Do not use your grill when it’s raining outside. Electricity and water should never come in contact. Cover your outdoor electrical outlets to keep them even safer. Many outdoor outlets have an existing cover. Keep in mind they only work when you’re not using your outlets. Purchase additional waterproof covers that can be used even when you’re using electronics outdoors. Look for bubble covers or flip-up covers. You’ll stay even safer when having fun outdoors this season.

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy your outdoor spaces. Now is the time to contact our offices at Allstate Electric and remain safely outdoors all summer long.