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When rough weather approaches Bentonville, AR, you may hurry to unplug your electronics. With surge protector installation in Bentonville, AR, however, you won’t have to. Surge protection systems work 24/7/365. If you’re not at home when a power surge occurs, having whole-home surge protection gives you peace of mind. 

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When you choose Allstate Electric and Communication for dependable surge protection systems in Bentonville, AR, you’ll benefit from:

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Why Surge Protection Is Important

Today’s homes have dozens of electronic devices. Furthermore, modern devices are more complicated and expensive than ever. Many homes in Bentonville, AR include a washing machine, clothes dryer, oven, microwave, refrigerator, one or more televisions, a router, speakers and subwoofers, media players, multiple smartphones, desktop or laptop computers, tablets and e-readers. Air conditioners, air handlers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and furnaces also use electricity. The circuitry of today’s electronics relies on power, and a surge could destroy items in an instant. Even repeated small surges can be destructive to the wiring and control boards in your appliances and gadgets. Replacing just one of these items before its typical lifespan ends is an unnecessary expense. If a nearby lightning strike took out all of your electronics, this could result in serious financial consequences and impacts on your comfort. Whole home surge protection in Bentonville, AR prevents mini-surges and diverts large surges from lightning strikes. It protects every item in your home that’s plugged into an outlet or charging base.

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Common Causes of Power Surges

There are many potential reasons behind power surges in Bentonville, AR. If your home is more than 30 years old, bad wiring could be a cause. Over time, the insulation around wiring degrades. A leak or a pest infestation may damage your wiring. Overloaded circuits and outlets are another cause of power surges. If you’re using outlet strips to handle all of the things you need to plug in, you could be overloading your circuit breaker’s capacity. Overloaded breakers may trigger a surge if they malfunction. Electrical storms are a common cause of power surges. A lightning strike directly to your home or the transformer that delivers your electricity could trigger a surge of power. If you’re using devices that run off motors, such as an air compressor or generator, the irregular cycling and high demand at the startup phase could result in a power surge.

What Surge Protection Involves

The licensed electricians at Allstate Electric and Communication offer surge protection installation in Bentonville, AR. Getting a whole-home surge protection system involves installing a small unit at your electrical box or circuit breaker. This unit contains a cable that is buried in the soil. This cable dissipates excess electric charge. By diverting that extra electricity, the whole-home surge protector prevents the voltage from affecting your electronics. Installing a whole-home surge protection device protects against voltage spikes that overheat wiring, capacitors and other electrical components. With this system in place, you won’t have to worry about your home during a storm. These systems protect every device in your home, and you won’t need to buy multiple outlet strips to get this surge protection. 

Quality Surge Protection in Bentonville, AR

Surge protection systems prevent your sensitive electronic equipment from damage. They save you time, money and effort in the event a power surge hits your home. Our skilled electricians will arrive on time, work efficiently and explain the installation process to you. We’re also available to answer any questions you have about your new Bentonville, AR surge protection system. For more information, contact Allstate Electric and Communication at (479) 279-2410 today.


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