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Quality landscape lighting in Bentonville, AR can make your home safer and more welcoming once night falls. While you can install your own lighting, a landscape lighting specialist can give you a better system with a more professional and polished look. At Allstate Electric and Communication, we are proud to serve the Bentonville, AR area. We are locally owned and operated, so when you select us for your outdoor lighting needs, you know you are getting a quality service installed safely by fully licensed electricians that you can trust. We have honest and up-front pricing, so you can be certain of the price you will pay for your beautiful lighting.

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Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting in Bentonville, AR shouldn’t be overlooked. If you have put a lot of effort into your landscaping, you should be able to appreciate it even when the sun is down. It will also make it safer to navigate your outdoor spaces at night. Pathway lighting can help keep you from stumbling in the dark. Lighting your deck or patio will let you keep the outdoor fun rolling even after the sun is down. You can also highlight your favorite features like trees or a fountain. By taking a look around your property after dark, you can see areas that need more lighting or would benefit from a highlight. When you let the electricians at Allstate Electric and Communication improve your outdoor lighting, you can increase your home’s value and curb appeal. 

Creating a Safe Place

Another great effect of adding outdoor lighting is greater security. By opting for security lighting in Bentonville, AR, you can help deter criminals. Proper placement of floodlights can help ward off both animals and potential trespassers. Our professionals can examine your home and determine the best places to install security lighting. You can opt for motion-activated or stick with lights that are always on. Motion-activated lights are great for startling any intruders and deterring them. They also save power. Timed lights can be set to only run during certain hours. You can use floodlights to help illuminate or opt for stronger lighting solutions if you have a lot of land to cover.

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Why Work With Professionals?

Lighting is a common choice for a DIY project. There isn’t anything wrong with this if you just want a few lights installed. A few path lights are an easy weekend project. However, if you want a more comprehensive system that really sets your home apart, it is best to hire a professional. An experienced electrician understands the needs of outdoor lighting and will know the best way to wire up your new lights. Your electrician can examine your home and determine the best location and type of light to give you the desired results. Our electricians know the products on the market so they can select what is best for you. They can install converters to place your lights on a safer system. They can also make sure each light is performing properly. By opting for a professional electrician’s assistance, you will enjoy more energy efficiency as well. By working with a professional, you will also get their experience in creating an attractive lighting design that won’t disturb you or your neighbors at night. 

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Outdoor lighting can make your property both more usable and safer. Good lighting can make your home feel more welcoming to guests no matter the hour, and well-installed security lighting can help deter thieves and wild animals. For your lighting system, trust Allstate Electric and Communication. We have professional electricians ready to help you with speedy service and honest pricing. Contact us today at (479) 279-2410 and enjoy your outdoor space.


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