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Electrical vehicles are slowly replacing conventional gas engines. As they become more common, charging will be needed. Public chargers are also becoming more common. Most people still charge at home. However, it can take a long time with your typical home electrical outlets. By opting for a specialized EV charger in Bentonville, AR you can charge your vehicle quickly in the comfort of your own home. 

Our qualified electricians at Allstate Electric and Communication are ready to help you install a fast EV charger in your home. Our licensed electricians know what your model will need. We offer speedy service and honest pricing so you know what you will pay for your unit. We are locally owned and operated as well, so you can be sure that we know all the local electrical codes.

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About EV Chargers

When you are looking into electrical vehicle charging stations in Bentonville, AR, you will run into the issue of which one works for your car. This is because different manufacturers use different standards. You also have the levels of the chargers. 

The most basic charger is the Level 1 charger that can charge from a typical home outlet. These take the longest. Next is the Level 2 charger. You can find these in public and they are the home charger option. These can give about 20 miles of range in an hour. All makes and models work with Level 2 chargers, although Tesla does require an adapter that is included with the car. Level 3 chargers are only found in public due to the energy they draw. 

A residential building cannot handle a Level 3 charger. Tesla uses the proprietary Supercharger. There is an adapter for Tesla cars that allow you to use the CHAdeMO charger used by Mitsubishi and Leaf. All other common manufacturers use the Combined Charging System (CSS). These will charge a vehicle to 80% in an hour, but only a commercial or industrial building will have the electrical system that can handle them. Your manufacturer will likely have suggested home charging options. Most of them should work for at-home use since Level 2 chargers are universal.

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The Installation Process

The installation process for a home EV charger in Bentonville, AR is very simple. First, you will select the right charger for your car and home. Next, a qualified electrician will inspect your current electrical equipment to determine if any upgrades are needed. You can choose to have your charger installed inside or outside, depending on where you prefer to charge your vehicle. All equipment is inspected before installation, and then the necessary upgrades for the charger will be performed. The charger will be installed and tested to make sure it is operating correctly. Finally, you will be given all the information you need, such as warranties, features, and more. 

Once your charger is installed, you can enjoy several benefits, including saving money and not waiting for a plug at a public station. You can charge overnight or during a lunch break and expect your car to be ready to go when you are. Your vehicle will charge faster and with less wear on the battery. If you decide to move, you can either bring your charger with you to be installed at your next home, or you can leave it to increase your home’s value. You will have all of these benefits while enjoying a greener and cheaper driving experience.

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A home EV charger can give you a lot of value. You will enjoy the convenience of faster charging at home. You will also save over the prices that public chargers offer. Our licensed electricians can help you by installing your new charger properly. We have upfront pricing and fast service, so you can enjoy home charging quickly. Contact Allstate Electric and Communication today at (479) 279-2410, and never worry if your car will be charged again.


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