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Today’s electric technology is advanced and stable enough to run efficiently every day and night. However, because millions of Arkansas residents depend on electricity, once in a while, something can go wrong. Therefore, an electrical problem in your household would not be an anomaly. When looking for an electrician in Springdale, AR, it’s important to go with a quality company with trained professionals. Unless you are adequately trained, addressing electrical issues on your own could be dangerous and lead to even more damage. Allstate Electric and Communications has only expert, fully licensed electricians who deliver superior work to our customers. Call us at (479) 279-2410 for fast service and honest and upfront pricing. Our goal will be to solve your issue quickly so that you’re not left without electricity.

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Electrician Services for Commercial Clients in Arkansas

Commercial electricians vary from residential electricians because they specialize in commercial properties, such as office buildings, grocery stores, department stores, shopping malls, government buildings, etc. A commercial electrician in Springdale, AR can maintain complex electrical systems, install electrical components, fix and diagnose problems with these components, help plan electrical systems for new construction, and more. At Allstate Electric and Communications, we have a crew that’s experienced in commercial services. Our team members know how to follow all local, state, and national guidelines, which is especially critical with commercial properties. 

Dependable Surge Protection Services

Turn to Allstate Electric and Communications for surge protection in Springdale, AR. Whether you want it for a residence or a commercial property, our contractors can get the job done right. A surge is a sudden increase in the voltage. This can happen for several reasons, such as a lightning strike. Unfortunately, some electrical devices can only handle a certain amount of voltage. When that amount is exceeded, there can be damage. Thankfully, our electrical contractors in Springdale, AR can provide surge protection services to protect devices such as electrical panels, cable TV lines, electrical writing in commercial buildings, etc.  

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Your Team for Lighting Services

If there’s one thing that every American relies on, it’s lighting. That is why we consider lighting services in Springdale, AR one of the most important services we offer. Long ago, Americans relied on candles to brighten a room, but today, we use everything from standard light bulbs to sophisticated LED lighting. What happens when there are problems with the lighting, such as constant flickering, dimming in and out, or failure to light at all? It would be best if you relied on an expert. Our lighting services include installations, inspections, repairs, and more. We can even help you pick the perfect lighting solutions for your property.    

Stay Charged With EV Chargers at Home

Electrical Vehicle (EV) chargers have become more and more popular over the past decade. Because so many consumers want to reduce greenhouse gases while saving on fuel costs, car manufacturers are focusing on EVs. However, EVs have to be plugged in rather than taken to a pump. Therefore, EV chargers are needed. Our electrical services in Springdale, AR include installing EV charging hardware. If you want an EV charger in Springdale, AR, turn to Allstate Electric and Communications.

Your Code/Compliance Upgrades Specialists

When it comes to electrical upgrades, it can be difficult to understand codes and what is needed to comply with local, state, and national laws. Many of these laws are constantly changing to keep up with the environment and the public’s desires. Thankfully, the team at Allstate Electric and Communications specializes in code/compliance upgrades in Springdale, AR. We’ll make sure that your new project satisfies all the necessary safety codes. If you have code questions about an older property, we can take a look and address your concerns.


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