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Most people hardly ever think about electricity unless there is a problem with the system. If you have any issues with your electrical system, reach out to our qualified electricians in Rogers, AR. We are known for providing quality service to our clients and have the skills to handle any electrical service you might need. Our electrical company has the most reliable tools to ensure that we handle your electric system swiftly and effectively. We understand the risks and dangers of working with electricity, so we put in precautionary measures. So if you are searching for a reliable company to handle your electrical wires and fixtures, you have come to the right place.

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Run Your Business Safely by Hiring a Commercial Electrician

The reason to hire our electrical contractor in Rogers, AR is that we understand running a business can be overwhelming, especially commercial buildings. That is why we give a range of commercial and electrical services to our clients. We have a team of qualified technicians that can provide you with a wide range of electrical services on your commercial property. We will take the time to analyze your facility’s needs and offer you the best lighting solution when you need a commercial electrician in Rogers, AR.

Get Surge Protection

Surges are a transient wave of current, power, or voltage in an electrical circuit. Though they occur in a split second, surges can have a detrimental effect since they can cause damage to machines and appliances that cost thousands of dollars. The best way you can avoid dealing with such surges is by turning to our qualified electrician in Rogers, AR to offer you surge protection devices. Our company has experts skilled in surge protection for Rogers, AR and can ensure that your devices and machines are protected. 

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Enjoy Proper Lighting in Your Space

Lighting is not only helpful for completing tasks, but it also helps in creating the mood and atmosphere in your space. Our electrical contractors have the skills and knowledge needed to properly fix the lighting and ensure that you have the right mood in your room. The best company for lighting in Rogers, AR has the right tools to assist in wiring and installing fixtures. With the proper voltage in your room, you will get ample light, allowing you to work without straining your eyes.

Get Fully Functional EV Chargers

The use of electric cars is becoming popular. This has resulted in the need for EV charging points that are used to reduce the time vehicles take to charge compared to the standard 15 amp outlets. If you are thinking of installing the EV in your home or business premises, contact our electrical services in Rogers, AR. We have the best tools and the latest machines to do the installation in your home. Since we have the training, we will properly install the system to reduce the possibility of getting fire hazards or electrical vehicle damages. This will give you peace of mind that your EV charger in Rogers, AR installation is safe and functional.

Keep Up With Code/Compliance Upgrades

If you are not updated with the latest building code, you will not know how to handle the electricity installation properly. That is why you need to work with an electrician who will help you with the current building code/compliance upgrades in Rogers, AR and ensure that the project is compliant.

For those searching for reliable electrical service, contact Allstate Electric and Communications today using this (479) 279-2410. We have excellent customer service that will answer all the questions you might have about our service.


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