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When you need a reliable electrician in Bella Vista, AR, you can’t go wrong with Allstate Electric and Communications. We are a locally owned and operated company. Allstate Electric and Communications is proud to serve the Bella Vista, AR area. We are staffed with professional and fully licensed staff who are ready to help you. Our electricians have the experience to tackle whatever service you need. We have speedy service and upfront pricing. This means that you know what you will pay. We offer a number of electrical services in Bella Vista, AR. We hope this will make us your choice for electrical contractors in Bella Vista, AR. Contact us at (479) 279-2410 today and let us get your electrical system up to code.

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Reliable Commercial Electricians

When you need a good commercial electrician in Bella Vista, AR, look no further than Allstate Electric and Communications. Our trained commercial electricians know ahead of time what businesses need. Commercial buildings typically have more intensive electrical needs than residential buildings. Your business draws more power, and even a small loss of service can leave you with a major headache if you can’t stay open. We can work with you to help meet all of your electrical needs. Whether you need your electrical panel serviced, repairs, new lighting installed, or just a new switch, we can help. 

Surge Protection for Your Home

You may be familiar with the surge protectors that plug into your outlets. These can help protect anything you plug into them. However, these only protect one outlet. They typically aren’t enough for major appliances like air conditioning and refrigerators. Surges can cause wear and tear on these systems. This can cause them to fail sooner, and you will need to pay to replace them more often. By opting for surge protection in Bella Vista, AR, you can have peace of mind that your whole home is protected.

For a licensed electrician in bella vista, AR, contact allstate electric and communications today! (479) 279-2410!

Dependable Lighting Services

Lighting in Bella Vista, AR is an overlooked part of design. Lighting not only makes your home more comfortable, but it can help highlight your favorite parts. No matter what you want to highlight, our electricians at Allstate Electric and Communications can help. We can help you select the right lighting to illuminate your spaces. We can also help you select the right fixtures to highlight your art collection or other important parts of your home decor. Whether you want that dark corner lit or just want a more energy-efficient system, we are here to help you.

Home EV Chargers

All electric vehicles that plug in include a charging cable that works with your pre-existing outlets. The problem is that this is the slowest way to charge your car. It can take over 20 hours to get a battery to full. By opting to install an EV charger in Bella Vista, AR, you can cut this time in half. No matter what model you have, we can help. Our electricians can help you select the right home charger and install it in a convenient location for you. Opting to install an EV charger is a great investment. Most auto manufacturers are moving to electric vehicles, so everyone will need a reliable way to charge.

Code and Compliance Upgrades

Making sure your home is up to code is important for safety. If your home isn’t up to code, you risk electrical fires. By opting for code/compliance upgrades in Bella Vista, AR, you can take care of the problem before it puts your family at risk. Our experienced electricians know all the local codes you need to meet. We can inspect your electrical system and locate any faults. Then we can repair them quickly, so you have peace of mind. Don’t wait until you see signs of danger. Contact Allstate Electric and Communications today.


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