Is My Wall Really Buzzing?

How annoying is it to be relaxing when your house is finally peaceful and quiet, only to hear an odd buzzing sound? It might also be humming or a vibrating noise, but it is still bothersome. But what you also should understand is that the sound could be a sign of an electrical safety hazard in your wall. And if a licensed electrician does not correct it, it could end in a catastrophic electrical fire.

Locating The Sound

As a Bentonville homeowner, you know abstractly that all homes have sounds like the AC or furnace running, the ice maker filling, and even creeks from the floors, doors, and windows. But when you hear a hum or potential vibration, it is vital to track down the source. It could be a reason for concern, from an electrical issue to a swarm of bees that are now taking up residency in your home. So walk around to determine where the sound is the loudest and noticeable in multiple rooms. If that spot is not near an appliance or other device that you can find to be the culprit, you should call an electrician to rule out any serious issues with the wiring in your home.

Common Electrical Concerns That Hum Or Buzz

There are many items in your home that could be contributing electrical vibration or hum to the sounds of your household. However, some are more concerning than others and also represent a more significant safety issue. The culprit could be any one of the following:

  • A bad electrical wiring connection inside a junction box or outlet in the wall
  • A loose ground wire screw in an electrical box
  • A ceiling fan that is wearing out – try tuning off any fans in your home to eliminate the sound. If the sound stops, turn the fans on one by one to determine which one is at risk for failure or a loose wire or connection.
  • Fluorescent light bulbs are famous for their humming and buzzing. If you have any in your home, be sure that they are off and not transferring sound through the walls to create your concerning noise.
  • Put an ear to any air vents or registers in the area to see if there could be a partial blockage that is causing the odd humming sound.
  • If the noise is coming from an outside wall, look on the house’s exterior for anything that could be humming, like a gas meter or other malfunctioning device.
  • Listen from the outside and place your hand on the wall to feel a vibration and hum that could indicate that you have a thriving beehive inside your wall.

Does Electricity Make A Sound?

Typically, there should be no sound coming from the wiring in your home. However, if there is damage or degradation to the wiring, a short, or an arc, there could be humming or buzzing sounds. If you cannot determine the cause of the sound, call (479) 279-2410 to schedule an appointment with the experts at Allstate Electric and Communications.