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How to Reduce Your Electrical Consumption Without Spending Money

Having to pay high utility bills is a reality that people face. In Bentonville, these bills can get exceptionally high in winter. Even though we’re considered part of the South, our weather is similar to some Midwestern states. Here are some steps you can take to save energy, which is better for the environment and your monthly budget.

Turn Things Off

This tip may sound simple, but some of us need reminders to turn off the lights and other devices in the home. Lights, computers, televisions, and kitchen appliances all take energy to use, and this energy consumption can add up over time. Larger items like TVs and computers can use a surprising amount of electricity even in standby mode. That’s why it’s recommended to turn them off entirely when not needed. Make it a habit to turn things off before you go to bed at night.

Keep it Cooler at Night

The fall and winter nights in Bentonville, AR, can get downright cold, and it’s always nice to have a warm place to relax in. If you want to save money, consider lowering your thermostat a few degrees when you’re not at home. You can also turn it back down at night when you go to bed. Just throw on an extra blanket and enjoy the extra savings resulting from reduced heater usage.

Take Advantage of the Sun

If you have south-facing windows, open your shades and curtains in the morning so the sun can shine in and warm things up. You can also use the sun’s power to line-dry your clothes. Clothes dryers use a significant amount of energy for each load, so try this to slash your energy bill.

Wash Full Loads

If you use a washing machine and dishwasher, run them only when they’re full. This way, you’ll use them fewer times each week. Along that note, use cold water to wash your clothes, and when you’re using the dishwasher, turn off the dry cycle. You can towel them dry or let them air dry.

Other Ways to Reduce Electrical Consumption

Some low-cost ways to reduce your energy consumption would be to:

  • Switch from incandescent bulbs to LEDs
  • Have different heating zones set up
  • Insulate your hot water heater and its pipes
  • Install a smart thermostat
  • Install timers on your light switches

At Allstate Electric, we can help you upgrade your thermostat and light switches so that they can be programmed to turn on or off at certain times. You could even control them using your mobile device.

Ready to Help

There are many no-cost and low-cost ways to reduce energy consumption this fall and winter. Even the little things can add up over the long run. Call Allstate Electric to set up an appointment.