How To Reduce Your Electric Bill

With utility rates constantly on the rise, homeowners are always eager to find creative ways to help reduce their electric bills. Of course, staying on budget throughout the year is the best way to avoid digging into your savings to cover these essential but sometimes high bills. But there are simple things that you and your family can do around the house to keep your electric bills reasonable and even save a few dollars to put towards something fun.

Eliminate Phantom Energy Consumption

How annoying is it to learn that even when a device is turned off, it is still sipping power and costing you money? These devices have become known as phantom power consumers, and they are all around your home. Anything with a digital display that is always lit is nibbling away at your wallet. Your cable box with the DVD recorder is always on and monitoring your schedule to record your favorite show. Also, any item with a remote is chugging power to remain ready for that blip from the remote to bring it to life. Unplugging these devices is the only way to eliminate the wasted power they consume and drop your electric bill.

Ceiling Fans Don’t Cool Rooms

If you are religious about using ceiling fans to lower your heating and cooling bills, you should know that these fans only circulate air. They do not change the temperature in the room. The circulation helps balance the air temperature and move air across your skin to help with evaporative cooling. So when you leave the room, turn off the fan. It is wasting power moving air when no one is in the room. Also, be sure to turn off all the lights when you leave the room to save that energy.

Eliminate Incandescent Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs do the same job as an incandescent bulb but with about 80% less energy consumption. The reason for this extreme energy efficiency is that incandescent bulbs turn most of the electricity they use into heat, not light. LED lights eliminate that waste and do not increase the air temperature in your home. That saves you even more money by lowering your cooling cost in the summertime. In addition, you will save a ton of cash on lightbulbs as LEDs last around 25 times longer than a traditional lightbulb.

Maximize Each Wash Cycle

Your dishwasher and clothes washer provide valuable services and do it very energy-efficiently as long as you only run a fully loaded machine. These machines use the same amount of energy if you wash one outfit or a whole load of laundry or a few plates or a week’s worth of dishes. By only running a cycle with a full load, you will also be reducing your home’s water consumption and lowering that utility bill as well.

Check Out The Energy Star

All household appliances are rated for their energy efficiency. Those that earn the highest rating for efficiency get to display the Energy Star logo on their packaging. In some cases, the energy savings are as much as 75% over lesser machines. So when you are shopping for new appliances, be sure to check out the Energy Star choices. You might also find that your purchase qualifies you for a rebate with your power provider.

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