How To Eliminate Static Electricity

We all know what it feels like to experience static electricity. However, most people have no idea how to explain or define it. Static electricity refers to the electrical charge that builds up on the surface of an object, like a blanket or clothing. Friction is typically to blame for the sparking, crackling, and lining up of the negative and positive charges in the item. If the shocking occurrence is when you shake someone’s hand or open a metal door, chances are, it is nothing serious. However, there can be severe cases where an electrician is called in and discovers damage to your home’s electrical system, creating the charge.

Asking A Pro

But the big question is how to rid an item of that annoying ordinary static electricity. And who better to answer than a licensed electrician.

Add Humidity – One of the contributing factors to static electricity is dry air. So if you install a humidifier and increase the moisture in the air, you can effectively alter the environment that allows the static to exist. In addition, the added humidity in the air can have a few health benefits like less dry skin, fewer issues with a dry, scratchy throat, and less concern with dry, itchy eyes.

Static Removers – There are products on the market that are designed to remove static from your clothing. But what many consumers are not aware of is that the same products can be applied to the carpets in your home. Many times the carpet and friction from your footsteps are the cause of some nasty shocks. Rubbing static removing sheets on the carpet is a great way to reduce the potential for getting shocked.

The Magic Of Baking Soda – Baking soda is known for absorbing odors and mixing with vinegar to clean drains, and now it is being touted to remove static from your clothing. Add some baking soda to your pile of laundry and let it sit for a bit before washing it. You will find that the baking soda acts as a fabric softener and removes all that annoying static. You can go one step further and sprinkle the baking soda over your carpeting to help eliminate the static and odors before you vacuum. You might have noticed that your furry pets are suffering more static shocks from rolling around on your carpet. Now you can come to their aid.  Baking soda is a pet-safe treatment to reduce static electricity on carpets without harming your pets or their skin.

A little bit of static electricity is not uncommon, especially in the dryer months. However, if you are constantly getting shocked when touching an electrical appliance, outlet or switch, call (479) 279-2410 to request an appointment with the licensed electricians at Allstate Electric and Communications. Frequent shocks are a signal that there is something seriously wrong with your home’s electrical system. Our pros will get to the bottom of any electrical issues in your home. In addition, all our services include a full warranty on our labor and any parts we install.