Electrical Safety Tips To Share With Your Children

We all appreciate the value and added comfort in our homes thanks to our electrical service. But adults also understand that some precautions need to be taken when living around electricity. Unfortunately, children have a sense of adventure and curiosity that can lead to trouble regarding electrical outlets and other parts of your home and the city’s electrical system.

To eliminate the potential for injuries to youngsters, parents need to ensure that children understand how to use electricity safely and what not to do around electrical outlets and electric devices. The following tips cover much of the essential information you should begin sharing with young children as they explore and become curious about all of the outlets and electronics in your home.

Outlet Safety

Outlets can appear to be almost magical to a child. Parents plug in a lamp, and it can then light up. Or they plug in a tablet that needs a charge, and it instantly comes to life. These are amazing and exciting things for a child. Unfortunately, many children want to explore this new phenomenon by poking objects into the outlet, including silverware, their fingers, or any other tiny object that looks like it might fit into the opening. Parents need to begin early warning children against touching outlets or poking anything in them.

Also, remember that most outlets are at the perfect level for toddlers to locate as they gain mobility. The covers with two plastic prongs to insert into an outlet are not a great choice to protect young children. They can pull these covers out and can choke on them. Instead, look for covers that close over the entire outlet and require two hands to open.

Water And Electricity Do Not Mix

Kids need to know that power and water are very dangerous when combined. This means that devices that are plugged in should never go near the bathtub, sink, or swimming pool. It also means that added care needs to be taken to avoid spilling or splashing water around electrical outlets or electric devices. Explain that not only could the water and electricity destroy their toy, tablet, or other devices, but it could hurt them very badly.

Power Lines Are Very Dangerous

Kids see birds land on power lines and then fly away unharmed. So they think that these lines are much like the electrical cords in the house. You can touch them or bounce a ball on them with no worries. Parents should explain to children that these huge power lines in the poles are nothing like the tiny electrical cords in the house. And that it is very dangerous to touch these power lines when climbing a tree, flying a kite, or if they see a power line that has fallen to the ground.

Never Overload Outlets

While adults often use power strips to plug multiple items into a single plug, teaching children to avoid this bad habit is important. Plug only two items into any outlet to ensure that it is never overloaded. Teach children that plugging in too many devices can overload the outlet and a fire. This is also a good time for parents to teach by example and refrain from overloaded outlets around the house. Not only is it a good lesson for parents and children, but it will significantly decrease the potential for an electrical fire.

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