Residential house natural gas backup generator. Choosing a location for house standby generator.

Bulletproofing Your Home’s Electrical System for Storm Season in Bentonville

Storm season and the dog days of summer in Bentonville are upon us, so it’s important to be proactive about getting every aspect of your home prepared to handle intense rain and the possibility of some very inclement weather. After all, it was only last year that a serious tornado swept through our city and wreaked havoc on several areas with winds that reached over 200 miles per hour. Home electrical systems can be especially vulnerable in such extreme weather conditions, but there are several things you can do to prepare for power outages, dangerous surges, and other similar events.

Start by Mapping Out Your Home’s Most Important Circuits

Do you know which electrical circuits supply power to your refrigerator and other important home appliances? Take the time to do a little investigating and figure out how your home is wired. After you do this, you’ll have a better sense of how you’re likely to be affected by a power surge in specific areas of your home. You’ll also know which circuits you want to connect to a backup generator.

Research Your Options for a Backup Generator

Are you familiar with your current generator’s capabilities? A portable generator can be a useful backup if you have the experience required to properly connect it. If you’re going to invest in a portable generator, then you need to be absolutely sure that it has the capacity to run all of the important circuits you’ll need during an outage.

The sooner you start doing your research, the sooner you’ll be able to experiment with various options and find one that you’re comfortable with. Instead of a portable generator, you may want to consider a standby generator. A qualified electrician can install your new standby generator and conduct rigorous testing to give you peace of mind.

Whichever style of generator you choose to go with, it’s important to have it serviced no less than once every 12 months. Filters can get dirty, fuel can go bad, batteries can die, and other parts can malfunction. A trusted professional can help you protect your investment with regular maintenance calls.

Do You Have a Plan to Protect From Power Surges?

When the grid becomes unstable due to a storm, high-powered appliances can start switching on and off without warning. As this happens, a power surge that takes out important circuits or directly threatens the health of various electronic devices can occur.

Traditional surge protector strips can only do so much, and you’re likely going to need another line of defense to properly prepare for storm season. Consider installing a surge protector where your home first receives power. These devices are available at a variety of retailers, and our electricians can provide installation and post-installation testing services to verify your surge protection plan is as solid as a rock.

Summing Up

Storm season in Bentonville can be intense, but there’s no reason to be intimidated if you take the proper precautions. Getting to know your home’s wiring patterns, finding a backup generator if you don’t have one already, and picking up the right surge protectors will help you get prepared just like the pros. Contact us at Allstate Electric to find out more.