Are There Electrical Hazards Lurking In Your Home?

Most homeowners are unaware of the common issues in their home that can present electrical dangers. We all assume that if you can plug things into the outlets and they work, the electrical system must be in perfect working order. However, even when your electronics and electrical appliances are functioning, that does not rule out the potential for hazardous or even life-threatening issues with your home’s electrical system.

Every homeowner should be aware of the warning signs and reasons for electrical hazards that could be placing their loved ones at risk. It is easy to overlook an outlet that does not secure a plug or a light that flickers. But these issues are signs of a potential problem and cannot be ignored like a door that squeaks. Common warning signs of electrical problems include:

  • Sparks coming from an outlet
  • Plugs falling out of an outlet
  • The smell of smoke or burnt toast near an outlet
  • Burnt or singed outlet covers
  • Smoke near an outlet

When you see any of these indications of an electrical issue, it is essential that you call (479) 279-2410 for assistance from a Allstate Electric and Communications licensed professional. In many cases, these signs of trouble are pointing to one of the four common electrical hazards that could occur in your home and increase the risk of an electrical fire or severe electrical shock.

Common Reasons For Electrical Hazards

  • Wear And Tear – Everything wears out, including your home’s electrical system. When components like outlets, wiring, fixtures, and circuit breakers begin to wear out, they pose a risk to the safety of your loved ones and home. While the items might still appear to be functioning, they could be unsafe. Loose wire connections, old or brittle insulation, and cracked faceplates or outlets are common signs of old age that need professional attention to prevent an accident or injury.
  • Poor Installation Practices – Only a licensed electrician is qualified to install electrical wiring and components in your home. However, many people will claim to have the knowledge and skills needed to do the job. Never jeopardize the safety of your family and home by trying to save a few dollars on an electrical project or repair. A licensed electrician will provide the quality of work and warranty that you need to know that your home and family are safe.
  • Power Surges – There is no way to predict a power surge from the power grid or an electric motor inside your home. The only way to protect all of your electrical devices and appliances, as well as the wiring and electrical system components, is with a whole-home surge protector. This device will monitor and control the voltage passing into your home from the service line and the power inside your home. Anything from a nearby lightning strike to downed wires or a faulty circuit can create a power surge that lasts only a fraction of a second and can destroy every electronic device and appliance connected to your home’s electrical system. Surge protection is an insurance policy that you cannot afford to be without.
  • Lack Of Maintenance – There is no substitute for an annual electrical inspection. It is like a yearly checkup for your home’s electrical system that ensures everything is in safe working order. This small proactive step can prevent a catastrophe that could injure a loved one or start a fire in your home.

Call (479) 279-2410 for electrical repairs, an inspection, a free price quote for a surge protector, or other electrical needs. Our licensed electricians are here 24/7 for service or to respond to any electrical emergency you might encounter.