Are Flickering Lights A Safety Concern?

When you discover some lights in your home flickering, it can be concerning. At first, you want to figure out if it is only one light and possibly just a worn-out bulb. However, when you determine that it is more than just a single fixture, your level of anxiety increases, and you worry that this could be a sign of a serious safety issue.

Could It Be Loose Wires?

Loose wires are a very common cause of flickering lights. However, there is more information that you need to understand. Most people think a loose wire is no cause for concern. But that is because they do not realize that loose wires are the number one cause of house fires. The United States Fire Administration reports that over one million house fires occur each year and are responsible for billions of dollars in damage. So when you notice flickering lights in your home, the best course of action is to call a licensed electrician to locate and correct the problem before your home becomes another fire statistic.

What About Voltage Fluctuation?

If you notice the lights dimming or flickering when a large appliance like the air conditioner turns on, the issue is typically voltage fluctuation. When the lights dim due to increased electrical demand, that is a sign of excessive voltage fluctuation. Your home should remain close to 120 volts regardless of the items that are in operation. And when the voltage fluctuates significantly, appliances and other electronic devices can be damaged or destroyed. In addition to the potential for damage to items in your home, there is an increased potential for an electrical fire. So it is time to call an electrician to ensure the safety of your home and loved ones.

When The Issue Is Just One Light Fixture

If you have determined that only one light fixture is flickering, it can be easy to gain a false sense of security. Remember that it is still important to discover what is causing the flickering light. First, check the bulb to ensure it is completely threaded into the socket. If so, remove the bulb and try another bulb to determine if the lightbulb or the fixture is the issue. If the new bulb flickers as well, the fixture needs to be repaired before using it again. If the new light bulb solves the problem, throw the flickering bulb away and know that the safety hazard is eliminated.

When You Are Concerned About Electrical Safety

Any time you have a concern about electrical safety, call (479) 279-2410 or click here to request an appointment. Never risk your safety by trying to discover the problem or make a repair on your own. The licensed electricians at Allstate Electric and Communications are here 24/7 to provide emergency service as well. Our pros will evaluate your home’s electrical system and explain any issues they discover. We also provide a complete price quote for any repairs, renovations, or upgrades that we feel are needed to ensure the safety and function of your home’s electrical service.