Professional electrician, installing sockets at home

4 Facts About Electricians You Probably Didn’t Know

Households need electricity for virtually everything, from cooking to entertainment to communications. Without electricians, our daily lives could come to a standstill, and it would be very difficult to stay cool during Bentonville’s hot summers and warm during our chilly winters. Here are four things you probably didn’t know about electricians.

1. Electricians Are Highly Skilled Professionals

An electrician has to undergo years of training to be certified. The Arizona electrician’s license requires trainees to complete 900 hours of classroom work. They must also have 8,000 hours of hands-on experience working under the supervision of a certified electrician.

The total amount of classroom work and hands-on training for a master electrician license is comparable to a doctor. Extensive training is necessary to ensure that electrical professionals can correctly identify and solve the issue.

2. There Are Different Areas of Specialization

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors recognizes three types of electrical licensure. The areas of specialization are commercial, residential, and electrical (K-11). Each type of license requires unique skill sets.

Commercial electricians can repair electrical connections in schools, businesses, and industrial premises. They can also install and troubleshoot overhead lines in public places or access roads.

The electrical K-11 license allows electricians to work on residential and commercial premises. Allstate Electric and Communications is a service that can handle both commercial and residential electrical work for your system’s code compliance in Bentonville.

3. Electricians Require Excellent Color Vision

Electricians must have excellent color vision to identify connections and components correctly. A color-blind professional may not discern the shades of color on a wire. That means it is possible to make a fatal mistake when repairing connections.

Older electrical cables had green and red colors for the ground and live. Most color-blind people cannot distinguish between these two colors. Interchanging the ground and live wires can damage electronics or cause electrocution.

Additionally, resistors are also identified by their color codes. Therefore, an electrician with color vision deficiency will struggle to distinguish the many colors on such components. Nevertheless, the most recent color standards use brown and black colors that are easier to discern.

4. Electricians Must Be Fit

Despite being a highly skilled job, electrical work requires physical fitness. Electricians often work in the field rather than in the office. Their typical day may involve climbing ladders, fixing connections, or carrying heavy equipment.

Electricians must complete the work regardless of the weather conditions. Many clients call electrical professionals to address an emergency. Electricians must be fast and effective in restoring power to residential and business clients. Physical and mental fitness are essential qualities in this line of work.

Electrical work is an extensive discipline that demands highly specialized skills to uphold safety. Whether you need to install lights or an EV charger, consider consulting our certified professionals for the best results. Contact Allstate Electric and Communications for a 100% guarantee on all our top-notch electrical services in Bentonville, AR.