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3 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Surge Protection

When many homeowners in Bentonville, AR hear about surge protectors, they often envision the power strips that are commonly found in home offices or around an area of your home where there are multiple plug-ins. While those devices can certainly help protect against power surges, they are not surge protectors. Surge protectors involve a separate concept, and there are several benefits associated with having one installed in your home. Here are three of them.

1.Protect Your Appliances

According to studies, each home suffers experiences roughly 300 potentially dangerous electrical surges every year. Standard residential electrical outlets simply are not designed to protect your appliances against those surges, so you could risk losing them. During a power surge, the voltage increases significantly for around three nanoseconds. Unfortunately, the heat that is generated by the arc in power can destroy any appliance in that tiny fraction of a second.

2. Protect Your Home Technology

In addition to appliances, most of us have multiple other items that are plugged in at any given time. Televisions, computers, tablets, phones, and any number of other high-tech devices are plugged in at all times. During a power surge, any of those items can be damaged just as quickly as your appliances can be. Not every power surge is the same, so it’s not safe to assume that just because your device endured one surge, it can survive another. For instance, some power surges damage the internal components of a TV. While you may assume that your TV is still working so nothing is wrong, what if the surge cut your television’s lifespan by half? Having surge protection in place can help you maximize the useful life of your technological devices.

3. Reduce the Risk of a House Fire

There is nothing more important than your safety and that of your household. Surge protectors are a good idea because they can help protect the items that you’ve bought with your hard-earned money, but the biggest reason to invest in surge protection goes beyond that. As we’ve already established, during a power surge, plugins and appliances can get too hot. Tragically, this often leads to house fires. Having a dependable surge protection system in place can reduce the likelihood of experiencing a house fire.

The power strips that you’ve been referring to as surge protectors simply aren’t strong enough to effectively protect you, your home, and your appliances from the threat of an electrical storm. If you’re interested in securing whole-home surge protection to prevent voltage spikes from harming your electronics, call the team at Allstate Electric today.