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Allstate Electric and Communications offers a full range of options to handle all residential and commercial electrical needs in Bentonville, AR, including surge protection, lighting, EV chargers, and code/compliance upgrades. Whatever you require, we have the experience to get you plugged in. Whether you’re seeking installation or repairs, trust your project to us. From your initial call, a friendly electrical professional will go over your situation with you and help you take the next steps. When a fully licensed and insured electrician comes to your property with the best products on the market, you can rest assured that they will handle your assignment correctly the first time. We pride ourselves on top-notch customer attention, quality work, and electrician services in Bentonville, AR, so let us fully charge your faith in us by handling your next electrical project. Our locally owned company has fast service, up-front and honest pricing, and a professional staff of electricians who are all fully licensed.

Electrical Services


We have the experience to inspect, evaluate and service a wide range of commercial buildings and their electrical systems. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

EV Charging

Are you considering the purchase of a new electric vehicle? Let us take care of the charging station installation for you. Call now to learn more!

Outdoor lighting

Ready for a new look for your home’s outdoor living spaces? Simple exterior light can help create your dream home! Click below to learn more about outdoor lighting!

Code Compliance

Many homeowners aren’t aware of the electrical codes in their city to ensure they are compliant. Contact our licensed electricians to learn more about your home.

Northwest Arkansas Top Rated Electrician

Do you have an outlet that just doesn’t work the way it used to? Are you a business owner that needs an electrical inspection? No matter the size of the job, residential or commercial, Allstate Electric and Communications is here for you. Our team has been working hard for years to earn the trust of our customers and the community as the go-to electricians in Bentonville, AR! From the moment you call to the completion of service our electricians will be focused on ensuring you are satisfied with your service. Read more about our services below and don’t hesitate to call us today to schedule!

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Commercial Electrician

Commercial properties are buildings used to house offices or manufacturing facilities, and they depend on reliable electricity to power business. They also have specific needs and unique setups compared to standard residential properties. When something goes wrong, it can make the company look unprofessional, hurting future prospects. It can also halt business temporarily if computers and phones aren’t working. Don’t let that happen! Ensure that your commercial property has proper electrical wiring with regular electrical maintenance from a commercial electrician in Bentonville, AR. When something does go awry, you can call your professional resource to come fix the problem quickly with a long-lasting solution. Your electrical contractor in Bentonville, AR will have the expertise to know what your building needs as well as what is required to keep it fully compliant.

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Surge Protection

All buildings require surge protection in Bentonville, AR to prevent the destruction of electrical items and even electrical fires. Power surges frequently happen during a lightning storm, but they can occur at any time, especially if too many items are plugged into one outlet, or the building has old or insufficient wiring. Power surges can’t always be prevented, but you can certainly do things to reduce the possibility.

We provide electrical services in Bentonville, AR for surge protection so that your building, as well as the people and electronics in it, will remain safe. Talk to your electrician about any current issues with the items you need to plug into your electrical system. This professional can then provide solutions that will cover all of your present items and any you plan to add in the near future. Instead of waiting for a problem to happen, you should arrange for surge protection as a preemptive measure when you first move into a new location. Some common solutions include installing whole-home surge protection, replacing wiring, and using efficient electrical products.

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EV Chargers

More and more people are switching to electric vehicles to save money on fuel costs and reduce their carbon footprint. These electric vehicles require EV chargers in Bentonville, AR, so more homes and commercial properties seek EV charger installation to accommodate the needs of those who drive electric cars. This is especially important for businesses that strive to be environmentally responsible or homes that want to qualify as green residences. Once the charger is installed, it might also require routine maintenance and occasional repair.

Our electricians in Bentonville, AR will install an EV charger on your property and explain everything you need to know to properly use it. They will also provide ongoing support whenever you notice that something doesn’t seem to be working as it should.

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Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

Lighting can make a building look great, and lighting also plays a large role in the building’s efficiency. You may benefit from new light fixtures or additional features such as a dimmer switch or security lights outside. You should also talk to your electrician about which lighting fixtures will provide the greatest efficiency, keeping your utility bills down to as low as possible. With your lighting in Bentonville, AR, you may also run into electrical problems that require an upgrade or repair. You can’t comfortably live or work in a building if the lights don’t function correctly. Illuminate your life again by calling Allstate for electrical services in Bentonville, AR. Your electrician can even give you advice on upgrades that can make your home more appealing to potential buyers if you plan to sell.

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Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting

Code/Compliance Upgrades

Every residential and commercial building must adhere to specific code requirements. These codes ensure that the building is safe from electrical hazards and fire hazards and that it meets efficiency requirements. There are different requirements for residential buildings and commercial buildings, as well as specific codes for outdoor electricity. Trust us with all your code/compliance upgrades in Bentonville, AR.

Our electricians in Bentonville, AR have the latest information when it comes to code requirements, so they can analyze your setup to ensure you won’t receive any citations or fines. They can also perform upgrades for any wiring that does not meet the latest building codes. Call Allstate Electric and Communications at (479) 279-2410 today to schedule an appointment with an electrician.

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